Ancient Sicopolis explains the reasons why it decided not to reopen for Delivery.
During the 17, now almost 18 years of operation, we have built a concept of catering based on conviviality, the pleasure of interpersonal relationships, and welcoming, thus weaving a relationship of mutual trust and reliability.”

We asked ourselves, “Can the home delivery service provide the same experience?” “Itcan certainly provide an experience, but definitely not the same.”

And then “Are we ready to provide this kind of service“? And here we get to the real point:
Delivery has not been a core business of Antica Sicopoli. It goes without saying that, especially under time constraints, it is not easy to improvise such an important and delicate service in its implementation“.

Therefore, drawing conclusions, and in full transparency with our clients, here is the conclusion:

– “We look forward to the date and directions for reopening;
– We are preparing to resume our work, which will most likely have somewhat different facets;
– We continue to focus on the quality of our products, the safety of our environments, and attention to people;
– We are working on new proposals in full compliance with the directions, without distorting or giving up our identity.”

Delivery? Why not, it could be a new service formula for our clients. We will think about it some more and if it becomes our new proposal, it will not be an afterthought, but a real offer that keeps the promises Antica Sicopoli: Quality of products, Safety and Attention to people, Passion for our work.